This Jungian Journey is a ”user friendly” approach to the psychological system of Carl Gustav Jung. It is rich with personal experiences, exercises and valuable suggestions for practical application of Jung’s concepts. The Persona, the mask we wear; The Shadow, our rejected side; Anima, the woman in every man; Animus the man in every woman and more.  Learn to work with your dreams, become more conscious and get on the path to becoming the whole person you were always meant to be.

Spiritual Real Estate offers access to the unconscious properties that lead us to transformation and a reunion with our true self.

"Joanne Park's Spiritual Real Estate: the Jungian Journey offers the metaphor everyone understands, real estate, and  combines this with her deep experience and  study of Jungian psychology to offer a practical, down-to-earth, and effective means for applying Jung's major concepts to anyone's growth and development of psyche. To make Jung'a  vital work this accessible to everyone is a remarkable accomplishment.  I strongly recommend you take up Joanne's lead and develop your psychic real - estate. Believe me, you will profit from this more than you can guess."

Russell A. Lockhart, PhD.  Jungian analyst.

 Author of Words As Eggs and Psyche Speaks.